To-Do List: Interior Doors

Since I enjoy carpentry, I was very much looking forward to hanging the doors, so they weren't pre-hung (besides, pre-hung are five times the cost). I have a total of seven interior doors, and I ordered them on 16 August 2019, although I've had all of the hardware for the last three years.

On 19 August 2019, the first door to be hung was the bathroom door (below left) so as to resolve the awkward issue of guests having to use a bathroom with no door. Then came the closet/laundry directly adjacent (below right).

The garage door—solid-core and self-closing, as required by code—was next...

...followed by the studio and office (below left and right, respectively).

Kitty Central (below left) and the coat closet (below right) completed the foyer.

On 29 August 2019, I hung the last two doors, the pantry (below left) and the linen closet in the bathroom (below right).

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