To-Do List: Appliances

Appliances constitute a major investment, which may prove problematic given my budget crunch. The units listed here are all second- or even third-picks because either the first picks were discontinued, or they were deemed too costly. I could choose more economical models, but changing some appliances would involve reframing or other significant structural alterations, so I'll just have to work harder at securing the funding for these:

  • KitchenAid Model KRFF305ESS refrigerator
  • KitchenAid Model KDTM404ESS dishwasher
  • KitchenAid Model KOCE507ESS wall oven
  • GE Model PHP9030SJSS induction cooktop
  • Whirlpool Model WFW85HEFC washer
  • Whirlpool Model WED85HEFC dryer

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