To-Do List: Wall Tiling

Wall tiling officially got under way in the bathroom on 13 August 2019 with bright lime green accent tile I'd originally purchased for the kitchen, and liked so much I decided to use it in the shower instead.

I've been asked how I came up with the color scheme for the accent tiles. Here's how (note in particular how the colors of the forest floor correspond to those in the mosaic strips, top and bottom):

One stopping point for the bathroom was the need for bullnose tile. No one made bullnose that matched the main wall tile, so I either had to find one that nearly matched, or one that contrasted it yet matched some existing element (such as a dark brown or dark grey to pick up elements from the mosaic accent strips). Ultimately I went with something to match, which—just my luck—was quite expensive. Oh well, the 16x16 tiles were seriously cheap, so I guess it all balanced out in the end.

The only other space with significant wall tiling is the kitchen backsplash, which was done on 24 October 2019 (a bit more to do on the island got finished on 31 October). Instead of a green accent stripe, I switched to two shades of grey, which was, in my eye, a bit more sophisticated; I used alternate means to add bright green accents, including bar stools, dish towels and kitchen gadgets.

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