Deep Dive: Nor'easter Madness

Just to pile it on, the area was hit by four nor'easters in roughly as many weeks. The first and third weren't so bad, but the second and fourth really hammered us. Number two started on Wednesday, 7 March, with wet, heavy snow that came down like fury. The birds knew something bad was about to happen—they emptied seven full birdfeeders in one day. By nightfall, about eight inches had fallen, and my area lost power around 5 PM.

Then, overnight, the snow became ice, and I spent the night listening to tortured trees losing limbs—crack, groan, thud, repeat. Shortly after midnight, I heard one particularly loud crash that definitely sounded like something large had hit a structure. It wasn't the cabin, and I prayed it wasn't the camper.

The next morning, I saw what had happened: a large branch came down on the house.

Surveying the property, I saw piles of debris everywhere, and many mountain laurels suffered fatal damage. Meanwhile, the power was still out, and didn't return for over 36 hours.

My driveway was also blocked by an anguished-looking tree threatening to drop.

There were aspects of beauty in the storm's aftermath, but they were difficult to appreciate considering the damage that was done.

The next day, I began to survey the damage more carefully. What I found was so disheartening that I had to stop: about a third of my mountain laurels looked like this. I felt as if someone had sucker-punched me.

Number four started on the first day of spring, with predicted accumulation of a foot or more of white crap. We'll see how this one plays out—I'm hunkering down as I write this.

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