Deep Dive: A Model Home

To help me develop my house design, I built models of it. The first one I built was a 1/4-inch scale model of the first "final" house design; I gave this to the architect, although the plan turned out to be unworkable because it wouldn't fit between the trees. Later, I built a model of the entire property itself, which I assembled from layers of Foamcore. It's precisely scaled in every respect, including the elevations of the topography. At a scale of 1:160 (N Scale), it's 4 feet long, 3-1/4 feet wide, and around 4 inches thick at the tallest point.

Near the center you can see a cutout for the model house foundation. I have a good friend on the west coast who has a laser cutter, and I drew up the house plans for her to cut parts for a model. Unfortunately, I made some significant changes after I'd rendered those drawings, so I redrew everything and sent them out again for cutting. Alas, more changes came after I received the second set of parts. I've just sent out drawings of the current as-built design, so stay tuned for progress reports. Incidentally, for those who may be curious, here's what a laser-cutting drawing looks like:

I'd also sent out drawings of the guest house just before I started building the real one. Since it didn't change much from my initial design, the model closely resembles it, including all of the interior details.

Once I complete the model of the current house design, I'll finish off the property base with terrain materials, including trees and ground cover, so that I'll have a 100% complete and accurate model of my domain.

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