Room by Room: Garage and Workshop

Begun on 7 April 2016, the garage was the first thing I built. It was the most logical place to start, and when the roof went on three weeks later, it provided me with around 500 square feet of protected work space.

At 16 x 32 feet, this is technically a 1 car garage. I gave it generous proportions so I could have a space to work on projects (such as woodwork and cabinetry) without having to pull the car out.

A workbench will run the full width of the garage on the house end. The space will have plenty of outlets (eight total) and plenty of light (ten four-foot double fixtures).

The roll-up door is nine feet, instead of the usual eight, to make life easier. The door will also be windowed to admit natural light.

I'm now keeping my car in the garage, even though it's far from finished; at least the car is protected from the elements. You can also get a sense of the space's generous proportions from this image. (Since it's an unheated space, the extra area is not an added cost to maintain.)

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