Room by Room: Office

There's not much to say about the office. When I resized the foundation just before its construction, it grew a bit; now, at 8 x 12 feet, it's actually larger than I need, so it might also serve as a secondary workshop.

Originally it had only two windows (see Changes); now it has three. The space for the third was reserved for a tall bookcase, but once I could see the room in the flesh, I realized it wasn't necessary, especially since I designed and built a great big bookcase in an unexpected location.

The office also has a seven foot ceiling in order to clear the HVAC system air return duct, which drops down along the inner wall (above). Originally the whole ceiling was seven feet, but I felt that it looked awkward where it met the windows (see Reconsidering).

When finished, the office will have a built-in desk running under the windows and around the corner, with a computer workstation at the far right. In fact, even before the walls were finished, I built the computer desk on my birthday in 2019.

The ceiling was sheetrocked on 4 February 2019; the rest of the space got started on 16 July 2019 and was finished four days later.

And two days after that, I reinstalled the computer desk.

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