Wildlife At the Sanctuary

Note that I'm neither a zoologist nor a wildlife photographer; I'm merely enthusiastic about all forms of life on my property. Birds have their own page.


Click the thumbnails for enlargements, more images, and information about the animals.

In addition, I've seen rabbits as well as Eastern Red Bats. Sadly, I found a dead bat, but at least it allowed me to make a positive ID.

Reptiles & Amphibians

Hover to see the name; click for an enlargement.


Bugs & Insects

Obviously there are countless bugs and insects one might find on a property such as mine; I've focused on some of the more interesting ones. Hover to see the name; click for an enlargement.


Right up there with my all-time favorite photographic subjects, along with sunrises, sunsets and waterfalls, is fireflies. I used to photograph them regularly back in my college days. It was far easier using a film camera: I could leave the shutter open for a half-hour and capture millions of winks. I'm just starting to work in the digital domain, and I have much to learn.


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