Wildlife at the Sanctuary: Red Fox

A pair of these stunning creatures had a family of three pups; their den was under an old tree stump across the ravine from my camper. Here, mom is bringing home a bird (looks like a Mourning Dove) she caught to feed her pups.

The three pups ventured out of the den for the first time.

They often played on the dirt mounds around the den.

One of the pups was a "bad boy" who kept coming over to the camper to check out the birdfeeders. I could hear mom yipping for him to come back.

After the pups grew up, the den was abandoned, and it's been abandoned ever since (except for a groundhog interloper). Once in a while I'll still hear one at night—what an eerie sound.

And here's one of their dens up close:

Update: Looks like a new family is moving into the old den. Awesome!

Groundhog ç Return è White-Tailed Deer

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