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Visitors who tour my home see a large-ish room on the middle level I'll identify as the Studio, and everyone accepts it as such, although what the term conjures in their minds is unknown, probably different from person to person, and almost certainly incorrect. So far, no one has pressed me for details on what exactly will be going on in the Studio.

Well, here's what will be going on: As one of many hobbies, I'm a model railroader—that is, I build and run model trains, and I've been doing so since I was seven years old. I also plan to re-launch a business I used to run some years back, as a manufacturer of model railroad accessories. The room will eventually be home to my model railroad, as well as a workshop where I'll build models and develop products to manufacture and sell.

When they think of model trains, most people tend to envision tinplate toys racing around an oval—perhaps a more elaborate version of my "temporary" layout that I set up just for kicks (above). But this is a serious hobby, with serious modelers who build highly-detailed, realistic settings, usually in scales much smaller than Lionel or American Flyer. I've been modeling in N Scale (1:160), one of the smaller scales, since 1968. I've built many models and layouts, some of which have appeared in magazines, and I'm planning to fill the room with my modeling.

Here are some images of my last layout, which appeared in a magazine in 2000, to give you an idea of what I do. My future layout will feature similar scenes.

I have a website devoted to my modeling life that includes a very detailed section showing what I hope one day to build in my Studio.

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