Deep Dive: Looking to the Future

Not thinking about the future would be a very bad sign. I simply must assume that my home will be finished someday; otherwise, one may as well declare me dead right now. So I continue to plan ahead, even though the future is always a moving target.


I'd once had elaborate plans for landscaping. I'd thought of filling the space where the camper is parked now with stands of white paper birch—my favorite tree. The property in New Hampshire where I'd spent 20-odd summers was called Birch Knoll for good reason: the cabin was surrounded by hundreds of white birch. It was a stunning sight.

This I fear would no longer be affordable. However, nature dealt a cruel blow this winter when the ice storm in March trashed several mountain laurel bushes, along with a couple of small trees, right along the line of sight between my house and the neighbors to the south.

Consequently I'll need to do something, so I think I'll plant a whole bunch of forsythia. It would be especially nice to have that splash of color in the spring.

220-V Garage Outlet

For a long time I'd planned on installing a charging station for an electric car. It's now unlikely I can afford a new car, so the charging station is unnecessary. But, with tighter finances comes a need to reinstate my business, and for that I'll need a 220-volt outlet in the garage for a compressor. So, the original plan is more or less reinstated.

Battery Backup

Since the elaborate—and expensive—electrical system I built for the camper is now just dead weight, I've been thinking about using it as a battery backup for the refrigerator, which is the only thing in the house I'd really want to keep running during a power outage. There's plenty of room behind the wall oven in the kitchen to stow the gear.

Or, I might do something different with the equipment, but I'll still rescue it from the camper and use it for something.

Stop back again for more future thoughts.

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