More Favorites

Having taken nearly 10,000 images of my property, I find it challenging to choose the best. So here's another gallery of favorites. Click for enlargements.

My Camera

At one time I owned a plethora of top-drawer camera gear, including a Canon EOS 5d Mark IV and a gazillion pro lenses. Circumstances forced me to sell it all off, and my choice for a substitute was a Canon PowerShot SX520 HS. It had the best feature set for the money—most notably an awesome 42-power optical zoom lens and full HD video—essentially replacing $20,000 worth of gear for about $250. While it obviously can't technically measure up to pro equipment, it's still been a real trooper, having captured roughly 15,000 images and hundreds of hours of video since I bought it in 2015. I certainly wouldn't have expected such a modestly-priced camera to capture an image like this:


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