Deep Dive: Interesting Imagery

Construction can offer opportunities for creative photography. Click to enlarge.

Above left: Sunrise over a brand new foundation.
Above right: Light snow decorates an excavator.

Above left: Foundation forms.
Above right: Foundation form hardware.

Above left: Early morning fog.
Above right: A massive concrete monolith.

Above left and right: Liquid tar meets a puddle of water.

Above left: Fresh concrete sheen.
Above right: Figuring things out.

Above left: Reflections.
Above right: Satisfaction.

Above left: A roof materializes in thin air.
Above right: Shadowplay.

Above left: Veins of rainwater on the roof.
Above right: A steamy situation.

Above left and right: Views from the stairwell.

Above left: Moss and grass make their home in an excavator.
Above right: Sweet light on an autumn afternoon.

Above left: Pillars of creation.
Above right: A perfect white blanket.

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