Deep Dive: Indecision

Faux Flat Roof?

For reasons I can't fully explain, I've always liked flat roofs. But I felt it would have been a construction challenge beyond my abilities—and possibly my budget—hence the low gable roofs I built. Then, one recent morning I was struck by the crazy notion of simulating a flat roof by adding a façade of sorts around the perimeter. To see if this would work visually, I photo-shopped an image of the house. But before I'd even finished manipulating the image, I realized that it made my home look like a gas station. So, this is one revision I won't be pursuing.

Which means the roof will still look something like this:

House Siding?

Plan A was to side the house with old barn boards. However, I'd since learned that the market for barn boards has exploded, resulting in astronomical prices, so Plan A was changed to plain natural vertical boards, per the example below.

During my down time, I pondered the possibility of Plan B: cedar shakes. To see if it was a viable option, I purchased a couple of packs of shingles and applied them to part of the guest cabin (the photos I took of the results have inexplicably all gone missing, and I've since removed the shingles). As a consequence of the experiment, however, I began to consider using the cabin's board and batten siding for the house as well, so that became Plan C. But wait, there's more... while I was running an errand recently, I spotted a home dressed in field stone, not unlike Fallingwater (below), and I've since added that as a potential Plan D.

Now I'm straddling the intersection of two fences. I just hope I'll get the opportunity to finally make a choice...

Kitty Central?

My knee has had me thinking long and hard about Kitty Central. Its current location is functionally the best option, but questionable from the practical standpoint of having to ascend the stairs multiple times a day, every single day, to tend to it. And so lately I've been having thoughts of decommissioning it as Kitty Central, moving their "facilities" down to what is currently the pantry, and resetting the space as a storage room accessed from the outside, as it appeared in the final blueprint. I'm not fond of the idea, but I really need to be realistic about my future as an elderly man in a home I'll always be sharing with cats.

Bobby's Treehouse?

Given the state of my knee, and the likelihood it will never get fixed, I've realized that enjoying my treehouse may no longer be possible. Even if I left it up for others to enjoy, it's visible from the living space, and that would serve as a reminder that I can't join my friends there. I may therefore pay to have it taken down, although this decision is way, way down on the priority list.

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