Sidebar: Indecision

Kitty Central?

I've reached a point where I'm slowly becoming overwhelmed with thoughts of fairly significant revisions to certain features of the house. In particular, my knee has me thinking long and hard about Kitty Central. Its location is functionally the best option, but questionable from the practical standpoint of having to ascend the stairs multiple times a day, every single day, to tend to it.

And so lately I'm having thoughts of decommissioning it as Kitty Central, and moving their "facilities" down to what is currently the pantry. My thinking has been reinforced by the crazy notion of relocating their outside space down to the area under the eaves adjacent to the current pantry. This would allow for a much larger outside space, accessible via a "tunnel" running through the unused area over the oven.

This then leaves the "old" Kitty Central open for other uses—most likely just storage, although I honestly don't need more storage space. I'd considered returning it to the role of mechanical room, but that poses the problem of how to run the refrigerant lines and, more significantly, the ductwork. There are some viable options, but they're not ideal. So, in all likelihood the HVAC plans will remain as they are.

In any case, if I do take any action, I'd probably remove the window box, as well as the exhaust fan and heat vent. It all has a strong vibe of "three steps forward, two steps back," since this area has seen several major structural revisions already. But I really need to be realistic about my future as an elderly man in a home I'll always be sharing with cats.

Bobby's Treehouse?

Given the state of my knee, and the likelihood it will never get fixed, I've realized that enjoying my treehouse may no longer be an option. Even if I left it up for others to enjoy, it's visible from the living space, and that would serve as a reminder that I can't. I may therefore pay to have it taken down.

House Siding?

I'm not 100% sold on my current plan to finish the house with cedar shakes, so I've purchased a couple of packages that I'll apply to part of the guest cabin. So the cabin will become a guinea pig to evaluate siding options. Fortunately it's something I can still do myself.

Stay tuned for more indecision.

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