About the Name

The name I've given my property, Wild Sanctuary, carries multiple associations. In my high school and college days, as I was exploring the music of obscure, progressive artists, I discovered Beaver & Krause. Their 1970 album In a Wild Sanctuary became a favorite, especially the title tracka haunting, gentle little synth piece that I still play often to this day.

But the appeal ran much deeper: the album cover featured a favorite work by a favorite artist, Three Worlds by M.C. EscherI have a print of it waiting to be hung in the foyer. From the day I found my property, I've thought of it as a sanctuary for me, my cats and the wildlife here, so it seemed fitting to think of myself as living in a wild sanctuary. Also, visit the band's surviving member's website to learn more about his research into natural soundscapes (the background image alone speaks volumes).


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