Deep Dive: Losing Ground

It may sound like more bad news, but in this particular case, "losing ground" is actually a good thing. Back when I had my property survey done, I got to know the lovely couple on the north side. During an early chat, they lamented not having a larger back yard, and gently inquired if I'd consider selling them a small slice of my land. As it happens, it's the least-visible part of my property, so I thought, why not?

Now, after a couple of years of casual back-and-forth, we've begun discussing the idea seriously, which is excellent timing as I could surely use the capital from the sale far more than the land I'd be giving up. Here's what we're talking about in visual terms:

The parcel in question is highlighted in aqua-blue; its width exactly matches that of the neighbor's back yard. Measuring roughly a third of an acre, it would increase their yard by an average of around 40 feet, while barely making a dent in my seven acre lot. Here's hoping this real estate deal actually happens in a timely fashion.

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