Happy Accidents

Despite meticulous planning, some of the nicer aspects of my home came about by pure chance. For contrast, see Blunders.

Right Place, Right Time

Arguably the most significant happy accident was the property's availability just as I was looking for something like it. Granted, I may have wound up buying a similar plot of land elsewhere, but in this specific geographic area, there have been few, and far fewer with anything like The View. The listing featured images that drew me to the place like a moth to flame, and I purchased it within minutes of seeing it.

Sunset Show

The most aesthetically pleasing coincidence was my home's southwest orientation: sunsets can be enjoyed from the living area all year long.

Sunrise Center

Also thanks to my home's orientation, sunrises take place in the kitchen (as well as the office) windows, although I wasn't able to enjoy them in their full glory until the camper was removed, as it spoiled the view.

Stonehenge Hallway

At certain times of the day on certain days of the year, light passing through the windows over The Grand Gallery aligns with the stairs. This was taken on 26 May 2016 at 1:55 PM:

Peek-a-Boo Door

My choice of front door, in combination with the hallway geometry, allows me to see out of its little windows all the way from the main living area, so I could presumably see who was at the door without having to climb the stairs (or install a camera system).

A Work of Art

By complete coincidence, sometime back in 2014 I happened to be having lunch at the same place and time as a roofer and, even more fortuitously, I was inspired to jot down his number. Four years later I called him, and he did the jobbeautifully.

Perfect Beverage Space

After pretending I lived here for some weeks, I decided to use the empty space over the refrigerator as a beverage cabinet. It was built to fit the space, and not based on what I'd store in it. After completing the cabinet interior, I placed a couple of 2-liter bottles of soda in it, and there was less than -inch of room to spare for the taller one!


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