Sidebar: Topography

In addition to the forest, the property has very interesting topography, and it was this combination that sold me instantly. As a bonus, the western border faces a sprawling wetland, which means it will never be touched. This is the direction the house faces, offering a vista of woodlands that stretches as far as the eye can see. The best time of year to enjoy the view from the house is early May, just before the trees have filled out.

A satellite view isn't very informative, since the trees obfuscate the terrain. However, it does reveal that the image was taken in mid-April 2016: it shows the finished foundation with the garage framing nearly done. You can also just make out the driveway and the little Epiphany. Ground-level photographs are better, but still don't impart the sense of depth needed to truly appreciate the environment. It seems as if the land swallows the house whole—which is just the way I've always wanted it.

The topographic survey (completed in January 2015) provides a sense of the various landforms, and shows the house and cabin in context. I've been told the highest point in Burlington County is on my property, at the far left just above center, which is where I've begun building a little treehouse.

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