Unfinished Business

Once I learned of my terminal health condition, I pretty much stopped work on the house. Here are the items I'll be leaving for the house's new owner(s) to finish.

  • Deck sadly I didn't get one tiny bit of it done
  • Sheetrock all rooms except the studio second bedroom are rocked, but nothing has been compounded or painted
  • Flooring all I finished was the bathroom; the laundry was tiled but not grouted; it's highly unlikely the rest of the house will ever get done
  • Wall tile pretty much finished all of it except around the bathtub
  • Cabinetry and woodwork Kitty Central is all done; the kitchen is nearly done; got started on the bathroom, but all of the rest still needs to be finished
  • Siding about two-thirds of the siding is up, but none of it has been stained/sealed
  • Landscaping need to bring in a couple truckloads of soil to build up the grade around the septic tank covers and along that side of the house, then plant bushes and such; also, edging around the parking areas of the driveway


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