Then, Then and Now

Digging through some of the very first images I captured of the property, I found some that would not have been possible to reproduce until today, 19 June 2020, now that the camper has been removed from the side yard. On 4 October 2013 I visited the property for the first time, and below is one of many photos I took; I'm standing almost dead center where the camper was parked, seen in the second image on 19 July 2019:

Doing an about face from the above spot on the same day, I fired off this shot of the end of the driveway; the camper view is from 14 June 2014:

Here's a similar angle dating from 17 December 2013, then taken from the bathroom in the camper on 19 February 2015 (which includes a very rare image of the storage container):

Compare this 4 October 2013 image of the Red Fox Ravine, featuring the ill-fated stand of treesóremoved a year laterówith a 3 March 2015 view from inside the camper during one of the snowiest winters in recent years:

Stepping back from the spot above, this view toward the southeast side of the house was last captured on 15 November 2013; the camper was shot on 19 September 2015:

On the first of December 2013, I stood where my front porch would be built and took this image of the side yard; the camper shot dates from 25 October 2019:

What would become the septic disposal field looked like this on 25 October 2013; the camper is seen on 6 May 2014 (the tool trailer was removed on 25 June 2020, thus improving the view still more):


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