If I Had a Million...

...what would I do differently? Actually, not very much! In retrospect, I wouldn't even consider the more "extravagant" version of the house that had a deck over the living space, as I've come to prefer what I have much more.

If I Could Start Over...

I'd actually make the house smaller! But that's because I've lived in tiny quarters for over three years, and the house as it stands now seems positively gargantuan. Otherwise, I'd just fix a few of my bigger blunders, such as the angle of the foundation (hover for the detail):

If I Could Change What I Have...

Again, there's not much I would alter. Given a more generous budget, likely one of the things I'd do over would be the sliding glass doors: the height difference between them and the picture windows to either side is a bit jarring. So, I'd likely have custom sliding glass doors made that were the same height as the windows for a more consistent look—which, in the grand scheme of things, probably wouldn't cost all that much. (The "problem," such as it is, will be mitigated to some degree by the blinds I plan to install, which will run the full height and width of the wall.)

Also, I'd have all of the windows made in custom colors, with dark grey on the outside and medium greyish-tan on the inside. But again, this wouldn't cost all that much.

If I Could Change the Future...

Looking ahead, I'd plant quite a few half-grown trees, including a small stand of white birch. But this would only shorten the time before nature caught up after I plant as many saplings as I can in the coming years.

And the leftover capital, which would be most of the million? Some of it I'd invest in my business so I could do more for my customers. (Notice I didn't say I'd live off of it so I wouldn't have to work; I genuinely enjoy working, and would much rather be building my business than sitting around on my fat ass doing nothing.) The rest would go to the non-profits with which I'm involved.

Thus, as you might realize by now, I'm not an ambitious or greedy person; there's no one I feel compelled to impress, least of all myself. I'd live just as modestly as I do now.


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