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31 May 2019

More bad water news. I've finally gotten my full water test, and I've failed for iron (a little over) and manganese (waaay over). I'll have to save up my pennies for nearly $1000 worth of filtration and a water re-test. Since that can't happen for a couple of weeks at least, I won't be ready for the TCO until July.

30 May 2019

My slave labor dug a temporary swale to divert rainwater away from the garage back door—and just in the nick of time, as the Great Biblical Flood started up in the afternoon.

28 May 2019

The shower drain has finally been installed, and to kill time while the cement set, I built a cabinet over the toilet.

27 May 2019

I've begun the compounding work on the bathroom—specifically the shower—with the goal of being able to use it ASAP. Corner beads are up and joints are taped. The horizontal black lines mark the location of the decorative mosaic tile strip, which aligns with the shampoo cubby in the shower.

26 May 2019

Today I treated the well water, which involved pouring bleach into the well and doing a 12-hour purge.

23 May 2019

A little bad news: the preliminary water test report indicates the presence of bacteria—not a big deal for me, as I only drink spring water, but I'll never get a CO until it's addressed. So now I need to perform a system purge with bleach, and then re-test, to the tune of ~$100. On the upside, the kitchen plumbing is finally 100% leak-free. Yay. And this evening I'm expecting more sheetrock to be delivered.

22 May 2019

Completed the kitchen lighting.

20 May 2019

Water samples taken. Results in two weeks.

18 May 2019

Added a little nicety to the bathroom: a wet wipes cubby. Why? Because I could.

I then switched gears and went back to work on the china cabinet in the kitchen...

...and finally, I rocked the backsplash.

17 May 2019

Today the septic system access covers were (finally) raised back up to their original height when they were installed in October 2015—they'd sunk 6-8".

16 May 2019

Rocking the bathroom was brutal on my body, so I've been taking it easy the last couple of days, doing low-key work on the kitchen lighting. I also scheduled a water test for next week: $700! Ouch! That hurts worse than the herniated disc in my neck! To add insult to injury, it takes two weeks for the results to come back. Which means I can't schedule the final County Health Department inspection until June. Sigh.

13 May 2019

Major headway with the lavender sheetrock: the bathroom is 80% rocked. The rest will be done with standard rock, which is on order. Clockwise from top left: shower, tub, lavatory.

12 May 2019

Finally worked up the courage to turn on the main water heater in the bathroom. I was waiting for the shower to be ready, but that's still a ways off, what with sheetrock, tiling and some plumbing still to be done; meanwhile, the bathroom sink is fully functional, and utilizes the same water heater. So, why wait?

To be honest, since the unit was installed almost three years ago, (partially) exposed to the elements the whole time, and never used until now, I was somewhat concerned that it might not work. Silly me.

11 May 2019

Completed the permanent connection of the well pump (previously it was temporary connected with a rubber hose—scroll down). This involved installing the local electrical disconnect box, running wire conduit, replacing the hose with copper pipe, and adding a drain valve. I used push-on fittings so the system is easily modified if and when I need to install water conditioning (the chances of which are pretty high).

10 May 2019

The plumbing under the kitchen sink is still giving me grief, so I placed an order for two special fittings that will replace six existing ones, which should take care of the problem once and for all.

9 May 2019

Today was an extra-special day: with the help of my helper (accelerated massively by a big ol' hornet), the mattress got moved from the cabin to the house. Which means tonight I sleep in my own home for the very first time. And just to pile on the goodness, I also washed some dishes in my kitchen sink—with hot water. Woo-hoo!

8 May 2019

Days of rain have highlighted some areas of the property surrounding the house in need of attention to avoid accumulating rainwater, and given the very strong likelihood that we'll receive more of the same, the priority is rising—just like the water level.

In the meantime, after bidding the porta-potty a not-so-fond farewell, I decided to address the kitchen lighting.

7 May 2019

Managed to correct the kitchen sink faucet faux pas—just slightly easier to do than I'd anticipated. Now I've discovered a minor leak in the under-counter water heater plumbing, so I'll need to pull it all out to fix. Always something!

6 May 2019

After installing the whole-house water filter, I went to work on the kitchen sink only to find the faucet was installed backwards. Fixing that will likely take the better part of a day. Oh well, I can't expect everything to go perfectly.

5 May 2019

Now that the toilet is working, I've turned my attention to the bathroom sink. And next up after that, the kitchen sink. Also, in the midst of all this progress, I've seen the need for a whole house sediment filter, which will be incorporated into the system ASAP.

4 May 2019

After the purple (actually closer to lavender) sheetrock for the bathroom was delivered this morning, I ran out to pick up a couple of items so I could get the toilet working. First thing Monday morning, I'll call to have the porta-potty (a.k.a. the "green box") taken away. Also, while the sheetrock dealer was here today, I ordered the garage firerock, which will be delivered in about two weeks.

3 May 2019

The toilet arrived today, and I actually had to go pick it up at the end of the driveway, because the 48-foot tractor trailer in which it arrived couldn't possibly turn around anywhere on the half-mile private drive. It was no big deal, since it fit in my car with ease, but it was perplexing to see a monster trailer containing only two (relatively) tiny items: my toilet, and something else about the same size. Talk about insanity! The driver confessed he was clueless why the shipping company constantly did this.

2 May 2019

In roughly two and a half hours, the well guys finished the well hookup, and then I suddenly had running water! They also had the perfect weather to do it: sunny and 70s. Tomorrow the toilet will be delivered, and Saturday the bathroom sheetrock arrives.

1 May 2019

Septic pump access was repaired on 29 April (below), today I sheetrocked the corner of the garage where the water tank will go (above), and tomorrow the well contractor will be out to hook up the well. Waterproof sheetrock for the bathroom is coming on Saturday, and a toilet will be delivered any time now. Which means I'll need to choose and order ceramic tile for the bathroom really soon, along with a whole lot of other stuff. Never rains, but it pours!

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