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28 February 2019

The weather graciously cooperated with my helpers as they got down to business digging the trench between the well and house.

23 February 2019

Managed to squeeze in the first length of gutter before the rain arrives. This was also the most important length as it protects the heat pump compressor from receiving a deluge of water right from the roof.

20 February 2019

With the storage container having been removed today, I can now see a patch of earth I'd only glimpsed briefly right after buying the property. A serious eyesore is finally gone at long, long last!

19 February 2019

Despite it being a bit on the cold side, I slapped some stain/sealer on the fascia where the first gutters will be installed, although the impending snowstorm will delay their installation.

18 February 2019

Started work on the gutters, and made a great discovery... Rust-Oleum Satin Moss Green is a very close match for the roof color. So, I'll be able to have matching gutters after all, for just the cost of a few cans of spray paint. But less-than-pleasant weather prevented me from doing much more than paint some of the fittings.

14 February 2019

The tool trailer has now also been emptied, although it'll be staying on the property until such time as its new owner is ready to move it, and that's fine—it's not an eyesore like the storage container. Other progress includes finally taking down the temporary electric service stand (it only took JCP&L two months to disconnect it).

13 February 2019

The storage container on the property is empty, and ready to be removed. It will be wonderfully different to have it gone—a striking visual change I've been anxious to see for years.

12 February 2019

Finished the doorbell installation (below left, tucked into the coat closet), and also rocked around the two canyon windows (below right), which will be frame- and sill-less so as to completely blend in with their surroundings and create a seamless surface for the length of the hallway. Also, I installed the first wall sconce—I've literally waited years to see one lit up.

11 February 2019

The foyer, which was framed on 24 & 25 April 2016, was finally rocked nearly three years later, on 10 & 11 February 2019, all with rock left over from the ceiling. And the coat closet constitutes the first "room" (such as it is) to be totally rocked. In other news, I applied for a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy, but it turns out I'm a long way from being ready for it.

10 February 2019

As I slowly recover from a truly miserable weekend, I'm putting some of the leftover sheetrock on the wall between the foyer and the garage so that I'm not wasting energy trying to heat the latter; this constitutes the first rocked wall.

8 February 2019

Even though the walls aren't sheetrocked yet, I'm unloading the storage container so I can finally get that monthly rental bill off my back—it's about two-thirds empty now, and should be gone next week. Yay! I've also moved my computer system from the cabin into the office where it belongs, in preparation for getting my business going again. I even made a nice computer desk out of leftover plywood that I'll laminate with hardwood... someday. One bit of bad news, I found the leak in the storage container: right over a very expensive and irreplaceable printer. (Insert long string of expletives here.)

6 February 2019

All ceilings are sheetrocked, and the defective picture windows have been replaced. Which marks the last major progress on the house for a while, as I embark on a search for financing.

5 February 2019

The ceilings are now sheetrocked in all spaces but the garage. And while that was being wrapped up, I got a bit more siding done—how could I resist, when the temperature was in the 60s?!

4 February 2019

The ceiling is sheetrocked on the whole main living level.

3 February 2019

While the sheetrock crew took a break on Sunday, I installed ceiling lights in the shower, pantry and laundry, and a smoke detector in the bedroom area.

2 February 2019

Sheetrocking continues.

1 February 2019

The sheetrock guys showed up today to start rocking the ceiling. They carried over 60 sheets into the house from the driveway, one at a time, with the majority of the sheets going down into the lower levels—that was challenge enough! But they managed to get over half of the living space done in the afternoon and into the evening.

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