Chapter 8: Glimmer of Hope

At the risk of jinxing myself, I've decided to begin a new chapter, now that I've caught a glimpse of what might be the end of a long, grueling trip through hell and back, ironically thanks to a minor setback.

When the property buyers missed a payment they'd owed me, I delivered some strong words to my attorney, who dutifully translated them into polite, professional but stern legalese. He prevailed, and as a bonus he secured the right to terminate the contract if the closing did not take place when the final extension expired. If it came to that, it wouldn't be the best outcome, but at least it would free me from the shackles of a contract that's almost literally killing me.

Meanwhile, by July 2017 I'd scraped together enough spare change to have temporary electric service installed on the property. Even better, I'd finally found an electrician willing to do the work at a fair price. Previously I'd burned through six contractors, half of which were no-shows, while the rest evidently didn't want the job since their bids were outrageously high. Two grand to energize a breaker panel? I don't think so. I'd almost given up hope of finding an electrician who didn't think they walked on water.

After scouring the Internet for a local electrician with some honest-sounding reviews, I found a gentleman who agreed to do the work for a reasonable fee. When he came to have a look at the property, we spent about a half-hour chatting, and at one point he talked about feeding the chipmunks on his deck. It was at that moment I knew I'd found the right person. I've hired every contractor based on how they reacted to my property: if they expressed a genuine love for nature, I'd hire them right then and there. It may sound quite strange, but it's always proven to be exactly the right choice.

However, I'm becoming convinced there's a dark cloud that follows me everywhere. My contractor has done literally hundreds of jobs like this. Yet, when JCP&L came out to make the connection, they refused to do the work, claiming the trench was not dug properly, adding that it might be as much as two weeks before they could reschedule the work. When I informed my electrician of this, he insisted on speaking with JCP&L himself in order to sort this out, because he agreed with me this was totally unacceptable. August is days away, and I've no idea when I'll get electric service.


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