Grump Central: Weekly Posts Summer 2022

30 July 2022

Each day I awake, I begin the same sequence of thoughts. Oh. Still alive. Ah well. What do I do today? I have no clue. After I do something random: Oh. I guess I did that. Then: Forgot to eat. Getting lightheaded. After I eat something random: Is it time for bed? It is if I feel like it. I don't know what I feel, other than like crap. I watch a random video. Then: Will I sleep tonight? Maybe. Maybe not. Doesn't matter. I'll still feel like crap either way. Followed by all the same stuff the next day, underscored by the same persistent background feeling: that of staring down the barrel of a loaded gun, waiting for it to go off. Is it any wonder why I'm not terribly enthusiastic about life? Sorry for being such a Debbie Downer today, but this is the reality of my existence; it would serve no purpose to lie or sugarcoat it.

23 July 2022

Carbon copy of last week.

16 July 2022

Nothing much new this week. I've been slowly getting back into modeling—well, sort of—mostly by catching up on web pages and videos of past work. Otherwise it's been a pretty blah week, with pain and depression competing for my attention.

9 July 2022

This week, I'm tickled pink to present Ric Mac: Out & About in the UK, which offers but a taste of the wonderful imagery that's in store from this gentleman. An example is today's photo.

On my side of the pond, I've been doing some film watching/researching, out of which came a revised review for the 1953 classic, The War of the Worlds. Oh, and as for quitting modeling, I've had some friends gently suggest that I reconsider. I confess I may have overreacted. So, I am reconsidering...

2 July 2022

As we rush through summer like an out of control Tie Fighter, I pretty much spend my time hiding from the heat. We seem to have fallen into a pattern of weekly two- to three-day heat waves in the 90s, interspersed with "cooler" stretches in the 80s.

Today marks a sad point in my life: I dropped a diorama I was building, and some of my finest work was utterly demolished. So I have given up modeling altogether. I could not possibly face another disaster such as that. I will move on to pastimes that do not present such risks.

25 June 2022

Summer is here, and my head hasn't even made it out of winter yet. Plus, I'm dealing with some new health issues. But enough of that doom and gloom... On a much happier note, I am most honored and pleased to introduce a brand new subsite that's sure to entertain. The content is all courtesy of a pen-pal of mine from the United Kingdom. Introducing:

Ric Mac's UK Film & TV Reviews

This is but a tiny fraction of the prose he's shared with me over the past several years, so there will be much, much more to come. Today's image, by the way, is the very first of a great many wonderful photographs Ric Mac has shared with me (he's as skilled with a camera as he is with a pen). He dubbed it "Gallop." I dubbed it "Great!"

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