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This is my last archived post. I stopped keeping them because a) they were all starting to sound the same, and b) I honestly don't think anyone was reading them anyway. But I kept everything prior to this point mostly because some of the images are nice. If by some strange circumstance you should find yourself headed down this rabbit hole, know in advance that there are nearly 1,500 posts dating back to December 2017. You can hop around more easily if you start with the site map. Have fun!

Friday, 3 December 2021

I am finally computing again. The primary hard drive in my workstation said bye-bye. The machine is five years old (a senior citizen in computer terms), so it wasn't a huge surprise. But the workstation is a serious beast and has a lot of life left in it, so it was worth repairing. Fortunately, the only things of importance on the primary drive were the operating system and my applications; all of the data was safely stored on a physically separate drive. Unfortunately, I had quite a few applications, so full recovery may take a week or more. While I was offline, I got to thinking about Grump Central, and I'm beginning to think that daily posts are really overkill; now I'm considering weekly posts instead (with "extras" for significant events). I started with daily posts back when I was expecting to do a great deal of work on the house; now, my health and financial limitations have basically put an end to any further work on the house, so I honestly don't have much to post about anymore. Which means this may be my last daily post. It doesn't mean I'm going away; I'm just getting quieter.

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