Grump Central Archive: Week of 22 December 2019

Saturday, 28 December 2019

Life with my kids in the house will definitely take some getting used to, and the reverse is also true: living here, they'll have a lot to get used to as well. Hopefully the benefits will outweigh the disadvantages—for all of us. One possible disadvantage for them: I have visitors... sometimes often. This will start on 31 December with a New Year's Eve party, followed a few days later by a post-New Year's Day dinner party. Yes, I'm just a party animal! And they'll just have to learn to become party animals as well. Lucky for them, my parties are anything but wild and crazy, and also everyone who comes here loves (or at least likes) kitties. So, if they learn to become social, they may make some new friends!

Friday, 27 December 2019

It took long enough, and there was much anxiety along the way, but the kids have finally settled in. It all happened over the course of an hour late yesterday afternoon, when suddenly—as if a switch was thrown—they all explored the rest of the house together. And when they found the bed, they found heaven, especially when grampaw was on it. The downside is no sleep: they've been entirely too happy and excited to leave me alone, but I think (at least I hope) they'll get into a more relaxed routine over time.

Thursday, 26 December 2019

Moving my furry grandkids into their new home was way more traumatic than I'd ever expected. True, this was their first move—they've lived the first four years of their lives only in the camper, and in an instant that life was gone. I had no illusions it would go as I'd hoped... but everything went wildly off the rails. Roy took ill, and Pris never moved from the corner of the room the whole day. Zack was the only one behaving close to normal, but when I opened up the door to the house, no one came out to explore. Clearly they were shell-shocked beyond all expectations, and I was beginning to feel the same; I went to bed a nervous wreck. I can only hope things improve...

Wednesday, 25 December 2019

Happy Holidays, everyone! This morning I'll be "opening" a Christmas present: my furry grandkids! They'll be moving in with me today, and I'm about as happy and excited as I can recall for an inordinately long time. Indeed, it feels about as close to a childhood Christmas morning as I can imagine as an older adult, which is something I've sorely needed since moving here in 2013 (well, to be honest, I've needed it since long before then). My cats have no idea what's about to happen; nor do I, actually, beyond the pure mechanics of it. Check back tomorrow for "unboxing" photos!

Fun fact: There's never been a "White Christmas" at my property for as long as I've been here (not that this is disappointing in the slightest). The closest it's come was a "White New Year's Eve" in 2017, which is today's image. Today's high is predicted to be nearly 50°, and long-range forecasts call for an equally mild, possibly rainy New Year's.

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

As I feared/expected, the septic engineers did not make it out to collect the samples as scheduled yesterday. So, if you'd bet—as did I—that it wouldn't happen until next year, you win (unless they come between Christmas and New Year's, which I think is highly unlikely). Increasingly I wonder if I'll live long enough to get my TCO. Regardless, I continued preparing for the arrival of my furry kids, still set for Christmas day. Although it wasn't absolutely necessary, I'd wanted to finish their cubby over the refrigerator, just 'cuz, and it'll be done this morning. Then I'll engage in a mad cleaning frenzy.

Oh, and today's image is a crazy flashback. I was poking around Google maps yesterday, and discovered that their Street View of the road I live on must have been taken around 2013, back when my property was still on the market. Above is the For Sale sign at the end of the driveway, which I'd used as the landmark for where to turn the day I came to see it for the first time—a day I recall so vividly that it might have been yesterday (of course, the seventy-odd photos I'd taken certainly help).

Monday, 23 December 2019

Today the septic engineers are supposed to come collect samples of my disposal field fill material for testing, as mandated by the County Health Department (retroactively, I hasten to add), but I'm not holding my breath. In other news, I've tentatively set a new move-in date for my kids: Christmas day. (I'd wanted to wait until after I got my TCO, but I've no idea what century that'll happen.) It'll make for a great Christmas present! Still, there's no guarantee that's when they'll move—unexpected things always tend to crop up for me.

Sunday, 22 December 2019

Winter solstice marks the end of shortening days. Now the days will get longer again for the next six months, and for me that's reason to rejoice—despite the fact that it also marks the onset of winter. Meanwhile, I've been experimenting with pellet heat. My first attempt was a bust: the heat output was pitiful, and it had to be refilled every half-hour. But I came to learn I was using the wrong size basket; when I got the proper size, it made an enormous difference. Now it cranks out more than enough heat, and burns three to four times as long.

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