Grump Central Archive: Week of 9 May 2021

Saturday, 15 May 2021

Well that sucks. Uber never showed up. Had to reschedule. And to add insult to injury, I was fasting for bloodwork and got a splitting headache. So... do I trust Uber again? What alternative do I have?

Friday, 14 May 2021

Cardiologist appointment today. It'll be interesting to see his reaction to my reaction to all of those new meds he has me on. I have dizzy spells so acute that I literally stagger around like a drunk, sometimes see spots in front of my eyes, and fall asleep whenever I sit down.

Thursday, 13 May 2021

It will be interesting to see how long this box sits here, given I'm in no rush to install it.

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Today I take delivery of a dishwasher. Oh, and also a freezer, which I probably won't even bother to plug in. Hopefully the house's new owner(s) will put it to good use.

Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Nothing to say today.

Monday, 10 May 2021

Two years ago today, I washed dishes for the first time. I realize that's about exciting as watching paint dry, but it was a really big deal back then, especially considering the condition of the kitchen at that time. Now, in a couple of days I'll have a dishwasher. I have to wonder if I'll ever use it. I suppose I will, if only to make sure it works.

Sunday, 9 May 2021

Two years ago today I moved into the house. I still don't have a Certificate of Occupancy—that whole mess got derailed by COVID. I suppose I should restart the process, but I'm not especially motivated, considering I'll probably be dead by the time I got it.

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