Grump Central Archive: Week of 29 July 2018

Saturday, 4 August. T-minus four days. Now I'm stuck worrying: will I have enough to finish my home?

Friday, 3 August. With the closing suddenly moved up two days, the countdown is now T-minus five. Once again I'm braced for a cancellation, but when the buyer's lawyer says they want this over and done with ASAP, I tend to think it's for real this time.

Thursday, 2 August. Looks like I'll need to increase my cat food budget. Yep, I'm the crazy old cat dude. Above, top to bottom: Sam, Bobby and Katie. Below, left to right: Pris, Zack and Roy.

Wednesday, 1 August. And so the countdown begins again. I'm not getting as worked up about this one, though, as I'm even more cynical than before, and also I'm still a long ways off from feeling better—I'm still coughing up a lung a few times a day, and I've no doubt it's being exacerbated by stress.

Tuesday, 31 July. So now the word is the new closing is set for 10 August. I'm back to "I'll believe it when actually happens." I've lost count of how many times we've had a "firm" closing date that just evaporates along the way. Place your bets, folks, 'cause here we go again.

Monday, 30 July. Finally, some tiny sign that the worst of the flu may be over. I was beginning to wonder if it was ever going to let up, although being well again is still a looong ways off. A neighbor was kind enough to bring me a watermelon—oh my, is that ever nice on a sore throat. A short stroll on a pleasant summer afternoon helped too.

Sunday, 29 July. I truly wish I could say I'm feeling better, but I'm not. This reminds me of a time about 12-14 years ago when I was hit with two different cases of flu back-to-back. I wound up in the hospital, so I best be very careful...

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