Grump Central Archive: Week of 24 December 2017

Saturday, 30 December. Last Saturday of the year, and the snow has begun to fall; expecting up to three inches. Winter this year is certainly being more classically winter-like. Last year definitely spoiled me.

Friday, 29 December. The last Friday of 2017, and the cold continues, with lows around 10 and highs around 20. 80% chance of snow tomorrow. I've resigned myself to the strong likelihood that the next several months of my life will be no different from the last several months of my life. So I'd better find a way to deal with it. BTW, yes, each of these photos is brand new, taken on the day they're posted.

Thursday, 28 December. It only got down to 11 last night, but that's still cold enough, and we're not expected to make it much beyond 20 as a high for the foreseeable future. My cabin is plenty comfortable, but not being able to do much of anything outside is a threat to what little remains of my sanity. And this cold snap will surely freeze the ground (it never froze last year), which will prevent me from working on the house until spring.

Wednesday, 27 December. Last night it bottomed out at 18 degrees. The next two nights it's supposed to drop down to 6—that's 26 degrees below freezing—with daytime highs in the low 20s. Winter is less than a week old, and I'm ready for summer already.

Tuesday, 26 December. The bitter cold has begun. I wish humans could hibernate, because I'd much rather sleep through this.

Monday, 25 December. After hitting nearly 60 on Saturday, we're supposed to drop down into the teens tonight, and not rise above the low 20s for the remainder of the week. My space heater will be running full tilt boogie the whole time—I can think of much better ways to spend the rest of the year.

Sunday, 24 December. The rain has paused but should resume later today, as a large snow storm called Ethan heads across upper New York state and into New England. I think I'll spend the day sorting some of the ~8,750 property photos I've amassed—I surely don't need to keep that many. (And that doesn't include ~1,800 kitty photos.)

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