Grump Central Archive: Week of 22 April 2018

Saturday, 28 April. Heavy fog starts a weekend predicted to be sunny, but with rain tonight. I'll be volunteering both days, which will keep my mind off the lawyer insanity I endured all week.

Friday, 27 April. Cold and dreary. Barely 50 and drizzling on and off. But the animals know it's supposed to be spring—horny birds and squirrels are chasing each other all over the place. Kind of amusing.

Thursday, 26 April. Bipolar weather is in the forecast. We're supposed to alternate between sun and rain daily for the next week. After dreary rain yesterday, I'm looking forward to getting a dose of vitamin D today.

Wednesday, 25 April. More rain. What a surprise! Good thing I got the roof fixed. Temps have finally begun to be more spring-like—just in time for summer to set in.

Tuesday, 24 April. After fixing the roof yesterday, I swept out the rest of the house. I've been saving up my pennies to possibly put a permanent roof on the place, but it turns out I barely had enough to cover taxes, so I won't be working on the house again anytime soon.

Monday, 23 April. Yesterday I was the most active I've been for many months: I swept out the garage, which was full of leaves and dirt, and organized my tools. But the glorious sunshine looks to be short-lived, as tomorrow marks the start of up to a week of rain. So, today I need to get some sealant to fix the hole in the roof left by the second nor'easter.

Sunday, 22 April. Was semi-active yesterday. By noon the temperature had doubled from the low of 32, so it was invigorating to be outside without a jacket. Admittedly I just wandered around aimlessly, snapping useless pictures. But I suppose it was better than sitting on my fat ass all day. Bobby kept me company the whole time—I think he was thrilled I did more than just feed him.

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