Grump Central Archive: Week of 12 August 2018

Saturday, 18 August. Yesterday was cleanup day to prepare for a visit from friends who will be stopping by to see my sanctuary for the first time. It's good to have guests once in a while: it forces one to be more organized, and makes one feel more civilized.

Friday, 17 August. House progress was interrupted by an emergency situation where I volunteer, and I spent a day helping to set things right again.

Thursday, 16 August. I'm forcing myself to keep going. The only way to function is to get started at the crack of dawn and work until the heat brings me to my knees—which doesn't take long. I'm also spending quality time at the township zoning office getting permits and scheduling inspections.

Wednesday, 15 August. We're being hit by another heat wave this week, which is putting a serious dent in my progress. I'm also slipping into a depressed state again, in spite of having resolved the tax situation and getting a green light to proceed. I know it makes no sense, but I'm damaged goods, and this is how things go for me.

Tuesday, 14 August. Fixing the tax situation may take just a little longer than expected owing to the fact that the tax collector is proving to be difficult to contact. Meanwhile, rain slowed progress on the house.

Monday, 13 August. In spite of heat, humidity and rain, I still managed to knock off a few more loose ends, thanks to a fresh supply of building materials. Today I'll be fixing the tax situation, which will allow me to proceed with multiple inspections.

Sunday, 12 August. Wow, what a blast being able to go shopping at Lowes and Home Depot once again! I was a good boy—I only got what I needed, and didn't even treat myself to a new tool or something, tempting as it was. But I did spend about five hours roaming the aisles reacquainting myself with all of their goodies.

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