Grump Central Archive: Week of 5 August 2018

Saturday, 11 August. After locking horns with JCP&L, I spent the first half of the day yesterday futzing with some loose ends in the house. By about 2:30 I'd crashed—and I thought that actually wasn't too bad considering how out of shape I am.

Friday, 10 August. Not much accomplished on the house yesterday, as I spent most of the day with friends wanting to take me to lunch and dinner. It was a good way to decompress—which, frankly, was just as important to do. Stress is a killer, and it's amazing how much better I'm beginning to feel.

Thursday, 9 August. Getting back to work on the house in the middle of a heat wave isn't exactly fun or pleasant, so, out of necessity, the reboot will start gradually. That said, yesterday I did manage to knock off the first item on my to-do list.

Wednesday, 8 August. The overweight woman is well into her long-awaited rendition of Götterdämmerung—which is to say I've signed the papers this morning. The nightmare is finally over. But I'm so totally wrung out that I'm not excited or relieved or even just pleased; it was a harrowing experience to say the least, and after intense haggling that lasted into the night last night as the lawyers furiously dotted i's and crossed t's until everyone was happy, all I want to do now is sleep.

Tuesday, 7 August. T-minus one day. There's nothing to compel one to attend a closing in person—it's merely a formality, and the paperwork can be signed at another time and place. This is fortunate because, as I advised my lawyer, I couldn't guarantee I wouldn't do something unprofessional or embarrassing if I had to sit face-to-face with the buyers.

Monday, 6 August. T-minus two days. For the last year or so I've envisioned throwing a great big party once the closing took place. But now, I'd actually much prefer just getting a good night's sleep instead. It also dawned on me that it only seems as though the closing is early; in reality it's pretty much on time, since the last extension was six months from March. So, the only thing to celebrate is that there won't be any more extensions.

Sunday, 5 August. T-minus three days. If I felt better, I might actually be excited about this. But I still feel like crap, so it's just another day for me, mostly spent coughing.

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