Bucket List

Some of my friends keep after me about making a bucket list, like it's an absolute requirement before I can "graduate" from life. Honestly, I've never thought in terms of a bucket list. What I do, I do, and what I don't... oh, well. But to make some folks happy, here's my bloody bucket list (in no particular order):

  • Build one last train layout.
  • See all of my 'Wire buddies one more time: Lee, Philip, Dave F, Ed, Tom, Josh, and Dave V (although Dave V will be tricky), and meet Chris S (also tricky).
  • Have one last dinner at Mar Belo with my Pine Creek friends.
  • Have as many lunches with my two "sons" at Tara's as possible.
  • Have as many therapeutic massages as possible.
  • See the camper gone from the yard.
  • Take a bath in my own bathtub.
  • Spend a night/weekend with ______.

That's it. See? Not much to it. I'm a fairly simple guy. Except... this stupid freaking pandemic has screwed me out of most of the list. Figures, right?

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