Company Profile: TeMos

History in a Nutshell

Very little information on TeMos can be found. Evidently the original company, Herbert Franzke KG Köthen, made structure kits under the brand name TeMos, short for Technische Modell Spielwaren (technical model toys). After nationalization, they became VEB TEMOS Köthen, were VEB stands for Volkseigener Betrieb (publicly owned operation) and Köthen is the town. Later, they joined VEB VERO, which included Owo and Piko.

N Scale Products

Their N Scale product line consisted of several lineside structure kits. The kits were originally made from wood, die-cut fiberboard and printed paper. Packaging comprised a plain cardboard box with a label.

Printed Matter

So far, a thumbnail of the cover of their 1969/70 catalog is all I've been able to unearth.

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