Company Profile: Sommerfeldt

History in a Nutshell

Sommerfeldt Oberleitungen + Stromabnehmer GmbH was established near ​​Hattenhofen, Germany, by Günter Sommerfeldt around 1950. He'd worked at a publishing house that created instructions for the assembly of model railroad kits, which drew him into the hobby. Displeased with the state of model catenary (overhead wire) at the time, he developed his own line of more realistic products in his garage. When Trix equipped an E-94 with Sommerfeldt pantographs, it proved so popular that other companies began ordering them. In 1969, a new factory was built in Hattenhofen, where around a dozen employees worked—a number that nearly doubled in just a year or two. Today the company continues to manufacture the same catenary products it has for over 65 years.

N Scale Products

Sommerfeldt entered the N Scale market in 1968. Here's some data on their earliest N Scale products:

Printed Matter

February 1968 Model Railroader ad for Nathan R. Preston:

1969 catalog cover:

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