Company Profile: Roskopf

History in a Nutshell

Among other things, Marcel Roskopf of Berlin collected Wiking vehicles, and in 1955 began manufacturing his own models. But he didn't wish to be a competitor of Wiking, so he focused on military vehicles and horse-drawn carts. In 1958, Roskopf moved his company to Traunreut in Bavaria, then in 1964 he moved again to Traunstein. By this time he'd begun making automobiles, and his products were being shipped worldwide—even to North America, courtesy of Boyd Models. He also maintained close friendships with Freidrich Karl Peltzer of Wiking and Paul M. Preiser. Due to health reasons, Roskopf sold his company in 1993 to Sieper Lüdenscheid, a.k.a. Siku, who had purchased Wiking in 1983, although Roskopf sold the tooling for the horse-drawn carts to Preiser.

N Scale Products

Roskopf jumped into the N Scale market fairly early, introducing a series of horse-drawn carts in 1965. Mercedes commercial delivery trucks soon followed, along with some crude Ford automobiles. Most of these products were rebranded for Boyd and Preiser.

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