Company Profile: Mössmer

History in a Nutshell

Founded by Josef Mössmer in 1959, the original Mössmer company once made an extensive line of track roadbed for multiple scales under the Willke brand; these products have since been taken over by Noch, with a significantly reduced assortment, although it's presently unknown if they're still manufactured by Mössmer. The company now specializes in high-tech foam-based packaging materials for global distribution.

N Scale Products

Mössmer began making N Scale roadbed products as early as 1966, and the line originally included many items made for specific track sections by specific manufacturers. In addition to foam ballast, they also produced foam grade ramps, predating Woodland Scenics by many decades.

Printed Matter

Mössmer ephemera is very rare; here's their 1966 leaflet cover:

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