Sidebar: German Lexicon

With three out of four model manufacturers mentioned on this website being German, it might be useful to understand just a few German words, phrases and abbreviations.

German is characterized by concatenation, where short words are often combined to make longer ones. Thus modelleisenbahn = modell (model) + eisenbahn (railroad) [eisen (iron) + bahn (road)] = model railroad. And, modellspielwarenfabrik = modell (model) + spielwaren (toys) [spiel (game) + waren (goods)] + fabrik (factory) = model toy factory, or model manufacturer.

  • GmbH = Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung = limited liability company (or LLC)
  • modelleisenbahn = model railroad
  • modellspielwarenfabrik = model manufacturer
  • spur N = N [gauge] track
  • VEB = Volkseigener Betrieb = publicly-owned business


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