Steve Bannon

I was convinced Steve Bannon should have been relatively easy; after all, his face has so much character. But he proved to be the hardest one I've attempted so far. I'd already tried—and failed—four times, not counting maybe a dozen false starts, and consuming nearly a week of time, cumulatively. I even looked at other artists' caricatures to see what they focused on, and not only were there few to be found, but none of them were particularly good. What helped with Version 5.2 was to completely clear the slate (I'd usually keep some elements of a prior version), choose a single reference image instead of an assortment, and start with the eyes. They were hard enough; but then came his mouth, and that was most of a day. What also helped was shooting for a "serious" caricature (like Rush Limbaugh) as opposed to a "goofy" one (like Eric Trump). I'm still not 100% happy with it—he just doesn't spring to life like most of the others—but it's the closest I've come so far. Curiously, the part I like best is his hair!

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