From Across the Pond

For all of the ills that the Internet has wrought on society of late, on rare occasion it's also helped nourish unexpected goodness. My Avengers Forever website has been the catalyst for a number of overseas friendships all around the globe; I've even had the pleasure of meeting a few, most notably one in South America.

Lately I've been receiving a great deal of emotional support from "across the pond," which is British slang for the Atlantic Ocean. One gentleman has been especially helpful, sending me delightfully rambling stream of consciousness tales as well as some stunning images. I'd like to share a few of them with you, as just looking at them is salve for a tortured soul.

The first one he sent was entitled "Gallop," and he proceeded to apologize for its "poor quality" because he'd taken it with his cell phone camera. Good grief, it's far superior to many an image so-called professional photographers have taken with their so-called professional equipment! So typically British to be unnecessarily apologetic (insert an enormous wink here)...

Later he shared some more. Buttercups in Attenborough's Fields:

Horses in Attenborough's Fields:

Burnet moth at Merry Hill:

Such positive thoughts and imagery do wonders for one's mood. Thank you, Ric Mac, thank you.

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