David on Stargate Universe

Somehow, Stargate SG-1 begat no less than three spin-offs: Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Infinity (animated), and Stargate Universe. Ordinarily I'd say third time's the charm, but in this case the results were strangely contradictory: of the live-action series, Universe was to me far and away the best of the lot, yet it died on the vine after only two seasons. Go figure.

Structurally, Universe was to SG-1 what Star Trek: Voyager was to Star Trek: TNG. The characters were refreshingly edgier than those of its earlier counterparts, and stories provided enough twists to be engaging. Its failings stem only from the bottomless well of technobabble on which entirely too many television shows rely. Performances and production values were both above average, making its premature cancellation somewhat regrettable—although, in this age of seemingly disposable TV shows, I'm not losing any sleep over the loss.


One should not be surprised that my views run contrary to those of the general population. I'm not a sheep.

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