David on Star Trek: Voyager

It's virtually impossible for me to say anything positive about Voyager; in my mind it marked the nadir of the franchise. Everything about it reeks of being a money-grab by a studio making one too many trips to the Trek well.

(Now, before I continue, I must state emphatically that some of the following remarks are not meant to disparage anyone in any way, particularly women and minorities; they are, instead, observations on how the motives of studios may be perceived. So, please do not flame me.)

Voyager tried to hit too many marks all at once: a female captain evidently to satisfy feminists; a black Vulcan evidently to remain racially balanced; a "space babe" obviously to grab the young male demographic; copious amounts of technobabble to satiate science-fiction geeks; and, of course, all of the trappings of the Trek universe, including the Federation, the Prime Directive, warp drive, funny foreheads, recycled characters from earlier series etcetera, ad nauseam, in an effort to retain franchise loyalists.

Since one cannot be all things to all people, the end result was an embarrassing mess. I'm perpetually baffled by how the series ran so long. It's a shame that some good sets, decent effects and miles of celluloid were wasted on this massive misfire. I mean, come on... being "everywhere" at Warp 10? Oh, puh-LEEZE!


Perhaps an indication of my disdain for Voyager: I've yet to make it through all seven dismal seasons, and I don't know that I have the strength of will to continue. There would have to be some F!NG-AWESOME episodes I haven't seen to raise the score.

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