What We Deserve

David K. Smith, 9 April 2018

Trump supporters need not read on—unless you're willing to learn something. (Fat chance.) Everyone else will moan and groan about our Moron-in-Chief. Moan all you want; I maintain it's just what America deserves. You know the old saying, "be careful what you wish for."

How the hell did we arrrive at this it-wound-be-funny-if-it-wasn't-so-scary predicament? Well, it's complicated. Trump became president precisely because we do not elect our president. Every other public servant in this country is voted in by the public. Not our president. We have this thing known as the "Electoral College" a stupid, complex, woefully outdated system that was enacted to compensate for the rampant slavery of the south. True. But since it's too complicated and costly to dismantle the College Electorate, we've just left it in place, like the lazy lot Americans have become. And we also have this equally stupid, destructive "two party system," which would be even more complicated and costly to dismantle.

So we just live with all this crap, and spend our time collectively complaining about it instead of fixing it. Because we are the "selfie generation." The "me first" generation. Or, as our fearful leader asserts, the "America first" generation. Translation: the "ignorant, lazy-ass, fuck everyone else" generation.

Harsh words? Is your kneejerk reaction to deport me? Kill me? Our chest-pounding "Merikuns" must also accept, along with our cherished right to bear semi-automatic weapons, our right to free speech. And while I know there are plenty of faithful Americans who stand with me in my assertions, there are entirely too may who would prefer to do me bodily harm. And those are the people at whom I direct my scorn. The Trump enablers. The embarrassing minority (yes, really) who only think they voted him into office.

Those are the people who have gotten exactly what they deserve. But because we're supposedly "one nation under [some imagined deity we don't all worship]," we're all under the same thumb of the same moron. A failed real estate mogul (he's declared bankruptcy almost a dozen times—you call that a winner?) slash third-rate reality show host becomes president of our country? WTF?

You could blame it on the "system." But the "system" is a) ambiguous, and b) almost certainly not the sole source of the problem, whatever the "system" may be. I believe it actually comprises an enormous host of entities and conditions that created the stage upon which Trump landed. It's technology (the Internet) plus faulty, easily-misused software (Facebook and other social media) plus social movements looking for a champion (the NRA, evangelicals and white supremacists) plus big business (Wall Street) plus their sugar daddies (the 1% of the 1%) plus outside influences (the Russians, et al) plus a frighteningly large proportion of uneducated Americans that that are as gullible as sheep.

If you weren't sharpening your pitchforks before, you're probably doing so now, right? Well, maybe not. I'm realistic enough to realize my readers likely number in the single digits, and of those, most if not all are nodding in agreement. I simply had to get this off my chest. Share as you like! Maybe I'll be "lucky" enough to receive a death threat—then I'll know I've struck a nerve. Which would only prove my point.

Oh, and if I did receive a death threat? I'd tell them exactly where I live, invite them to carry out their threat, then laugh at their cowardly, hypocritical non-response. Because they'd be signing their own death sentence. Be warned: I have some "interesting" friends...


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