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With a preference for science fiction and animation (I worked in computer animation for a few years), at heart I'm a filmmaker in a parallel universe. During high school and college, I produced a number of films in a variety of genres, but mainly fantasy and stop-motion animation. I'd wanted to keep it up, but my life took other directions.

I tend to keep my reviews relatively short, but not necessarily sweet. I prefer to make my point succinctly—indeed, some reviews are a single sentence—although I will occasionally delve a little deeper, particularly when I run counter to prevailing views.

As an aside, I'm not at all fond of comics or the "superhero" genre; I'm simply a student of filmmaking. Consequently, those reviews reflect how the films strike me in technical and aesthetic terms, totally irrespective of their source materials. Also, I'm not a stickler for either canon or faithful adaptations; even if it's "all wrong," if a film entertains me, that's perfectly fine.

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