Wonder Woman

2017, RatPac-Dune Entertainment et al

It took long enough to bring Wonder Woman to the big screen, but with the seemingly endless parade of big-budget superhero movies marching into theaters, it was all but inevitable. Although much was made of the fact that it was directed by a woman, I'm not prepared to debate the point, other than to insist the accolades she earned are well-deserved.

At first I wasn't all that keen on Gal Gadot, but she grew on me. I was actually much more taken by Chris Pine's fine performance as Wonder Woman's ill-fated mortal paramour; he seemed perfectly cast as a period hero, and I sincerely hope we'll be treated to more of him in similar roles. Getting back to the subject at hand, the film is technically almost flawless; my only relatively minor gripes would be somewhat uneven pacing, and a strangely less-than-thrilling climax—as the credits rolled, I recall thinking, "That's it?"






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