1997, Paramount Pictures et al

Everything about Titanic lives up to its name. Titanic budget: $200 million, the biggest ever to date. Titanic revenue: over $2 billion, a world record that stood until James Cameron bested himself with the Titanic Avatar. Titanic awards: 14 Academy Award nominations with 11 wins, both tied with records. Titanic sets, with large portions of the ship built full-size in a Titanic pit filled with water. Titanic effects, with a Titanic amount of research to ensure historical accuracy, with Cameron himself taking multiple dives to the actual wreck. Titanic theme song hit by Céline Dion. Titanic remastering effort to convert it to 3D.

Problem? Well, for one, we know the ending. But what an ending: worth the price of admission on its own. In fact, given its Titanic screen time of 195 minutes, one may as well just hit the chapter skip button until the sinking starts. Then, once the sinking is done, hit stop so as to avoid the maudlin dénouement and its not-so-surprising twist.







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