Strange Magic

2015, Touchstone Pictures et al

"From the mind of George Lucas" kind of says it all. In fact, it seems as though he was sucking up a bit too much fermented grape juice when he came up with this bewildering mess. His intention was to make a musical animation by stringing together pop songs. But his first mistake was using tunes from his youth, which (unintentionally, I'm sure) shifted the target audience away from the most desirable demographic to their parents. It might have worked, except the execution was a disaster, mostly because he had his story's characters sing really awful covers of 70s and 80s hits. The results are almost painful to watch and even worse to listen to; I wound up fast-forwarding through the musical numbers, which left around fifteen minutes of fairly decent CGI to enjoy. About the only other redeeming qualities were a few good lines and a couple of somewhat funny sight gags.






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