Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

1988, Touchstone Pictures et al

The tricky part in categorizing Roger Rabbit was deciding if it was an animated film, or a live-action film. Ultimately for me it came down to the fact that the titular character was animated.

With that out of the way, let me count the ways this film succeeds. It's not the first time that animated and human characters shared the screen, but the story's premise was certainly original. The effort that went into the process of merging people and "toons" paid off handsomely, and the results stand up well even in these days of seamless CGI. (Yes, it's not perfect, but in most cases the imperfections actually enhance the effect.) Plus it's filled to the brim with genuinely funny sight gags and one-liners.

Roger Rabbit did have a few detractors, but mostly these were industry people who felt snubbed by not having enough—or any—creative input. Given the film's success, such gripes come off as sour grapes.






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