Naked Lunch

2009, Liberty Films et al

Naked Lunch is a mind-altering drug trip brought to life, nothing more. David Cronenberg did what was thought by many to be impossible: bring William S. Burroughs' profane, incoherent "novel" to the screen. Its reception might have been marginally better had the overall tone not been so oppressively dark and depressing; although it was (not surprisingly) a massive box office failure, it received several awards, and is now (not surprisingly) a cult hit. Likely of interest exclusively to followers of Burroughs' avant-garde literature (to put it charitably), or fans of Peter Weller, who did an effective job portraying the film's terminally drug-addicted lead. But no one's efforts could redeem the irredeemable, and Criterion's attention to this film certainly casts a questionable light on what they consider notable cinema.





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