Lost In Space

1998, New Line Cinema et al

Never have I seen so much time, effort and money invested in such a lost cause (no pun intended). Seeing the top-drawer talent involved—including William Hurt and Gary Oldman—I sat down to watch what I'd expected to be a relatively serious take on a horrible old TV series. But I was aghast to discover it was actually a kiddie movie, one that the target audience would be ill-equipped to appreciate on a technical level. About two-thirds in, I couldn't finish watching, and flipped over to the extras, only to see immensely talented adults gleefully investing their hearts and souls and capital in a film that's as awful as—if not worse than—its source material (had it been a low-budget production with no-name actors and cheesy effects, it would have been an improvement, in an oddly counterintuitive way). I felt embarrassed for having bought the DVD.






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